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GFB FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator (1/8″ NPT Ports)

GFB FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator (1/8″ NPT Ports)
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GFB FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator (1/8″ NPT Ports)

Welcome To SPR Parts
SPR PARTS Is a GFB Authorised Dealer
GFB FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator (1/8″ NPT Ports) 
- 4x 1/8” NPT body ports which can be used for any combination of fuel inlet/s or pressure gauge/ECU sensor, and 1x 1/8” NPT return port
- Flows up to 750 litres per hour @ 25psi
- 1:1 fuel pressure rise rate
- Double layer/double reinforced diaphragms with a burst strength exceeding 500psi
- Teflon co-polymer seat with spherical stainless valve to retain fuel pressure longer after shut down
- Spring pre-load adjustment screw is o-ring sealed and does not leak vacuum/boost
- Static pressures adjustable from 25psi to 80psi
- Completely serviceable
- Suitable for all fuels
How have we achieved this? Our engineers have spent countless hours developing a unique replaceable co-polymer valve seat. 
What does this mean? Conventional aftermarket performance Fuel Pressure Regulators typically utilize a metal-to-metal valve and seat which by nature will not positively hold pressure when your engine is shut down, which can make startup more difficult.
Here at GFB, we have incorporated a softer, more compliant yet resilient material for the valve seat, which will always positively seal and hold fuel pressure on shut down, designed to give factory-like sealing and reliable startup, as well as superior fuel resistance suitable for Unleaded, Ethanol, Methanol, and Diesel fuels.
We also use a double layer diaphragm, which means we have twice the reinforcing material, and as a result the burst strength exceeds 1000psi!
The multiple inlet/gauge ports also allow for a wide range of fuel system setups beyond the usual inlet/outlet, including parallel fuel rail or returnless “deadhead” systems. The two gauge ports allow you to run a mechanical fuel pressure gauge AND an ECU fuel pressure sensor if you want to.

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