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Mega Moto USA

The idea for Mega Moto literally started off a napkin back in 2013. The founders remembered the fun they had growing up on their home-made mini bikes and go-karts. But they couldn’t find anyone making them, let alone anywhere to buy them.

And with that, off we went. Originally started in Dallas, Texas as “Monster Moto”, after four fast years, and over 200,000 units sold, we’re upgrading our brand to Mega Moto. Same great products, but with a broader assortment of size and power, for kids, teenagers and adults alike. Larger, faster, safer and more powerful. All made with the highest of quality, with an array of cool accessories to make your Mega your own!

At our core, we believe in getting kids (and adults!) away from their indoor, electronic screen addiction and outside into the open air, exploring the outdoors with their friends and family. We make adult mini bikes and mini bikes for kids so that create memories that will literally last a lifetime.

Drive a Mega Moto today and experience Pure. Unconditional. Fun.

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